Cramond and Barnton Community Council (CBCC) says it supports The City of Edinburgh Council greenbelt protection in the proposed City Plan 2030 but at the same time it urges vigilance.

The council’s City Plan 2030’s focus on brownfield sites for future development is strongly supported by CBCC which regards brownfield as a better option than more greenfield building. The community councillors point to the intolerable strain on local roads and infrastructure caused by current development of around 2700 new homes on greenbelt at Maybury and Cammo.  

John Loudon, CBCC Chair said: “The City Plan 2030’s concentration of development on brownfield sites is a much better option economically, environmentally and socially.”  

He vows, however, that the Community Council will remain vigilant, ensuring that greenbelt sites do not creep into the plan. He said: “We have been here before and know how plans can be overturned as landowners and developers put pressure on to permit building on greenbelt sites.  It is essential that those making decisions over planning matters get our message clearly.  We support the City Plan’s focus on brownfield for future development. Greenfield sites must not be allowed.  Our roads and infrastructure cannot cope.”  

The proposed City Plan 2030 is open for representations until 20 December on the council’s consultation hub and CBCC urges residents to say what they support and put forward changes they would like to see made.  

Mr Loudon said: “Now is the time to make your views known.  This is our last chance to comment on the content of the City Plan 2030.”

CBCC has experience of greenbelt development.  More than 2000 homes are being built on land at west Edinburgh’s Maybury and a further 650 at Cammo, all requiring access to the already congested Maybury Road.  A further application to build up to 500 homes at West Craigs North has also been submitted.

Mr Loudon said: “People living on these developments generally only have one way in and out of their properties, inevitably further snarling up the already congested Maybury Road and Barnton junctions as well as adding to pressure on the Queensferry and Glasgow Roads which already suffer from some of the poorest air quality in Scotland.”