Word ‘soulmates’ no longer refers to romantic relationships only. It represents much more. They’re the yin to your yang. A person you are compatible with in all aspects. Someone you can rely on and share every important moment with. They support your every decision and are happy with each milestone you reach in life. Yes, we are talking about your best friend. For all the reasons above and more, it is time to make a BFF bucket list and make memories for your 70-year-old selves. 

You know each other well enough to know what you want to do together. Make a list of things you and your best friend have been wanting to do for ages. Prioritize things you want to tick off the list first and then continue completing it. Of course, you should finish your list and record these moments through photos, diaries, or videos. 

So take out your pen and paper, and get started. A bucket list doesn’t have a certain number of things you should cover. This depends on you two. If you can’t think of any specific activity, take a look at some ideas you could try out. 

Go Glamping

If you have no idea what this is, you will be thrilled with this idea. Glamping, a blending of glamorous and camping, takes your outdoor experience to a whole new level. If you are not a huge fan of sleeping outside, this will make a good transition. This camping model is not your typical small tent. It is a comfortable sleeping area that can easily be compared to a luxurious hotel. These spots offer a cozy bed, running water, fire pits, and even your own kitchen. To make this experience more exciting, owners offer outdoor activities which you will happily try with your best friend. Nature will positively affect you both and will give you time to reflect on years of friendship.

Volunteer In Your Community

This activity ticks two things at once – spending time together and giving back to the community. There are many causes you can help, a charity event, a soup kitchen, or an animal shelter. Donating money is always welcome but an extra pair of hands can make a huge difference when it gets busy. This gives you time to bond with each other and appreciate the time spent together. Local causes will be thankful for your effort but if you are looking at a bigger picture, research an international organization where you can both travel abroad and help people in need.

Have A Glamorous Vegas Weekend

You haven’t completed your bucket list if you haven’t been to Sin City at least once. This most luxurious city in the world offers a variety of things to do from day till night. Hit the pool and sunbathe in the afternoon and get ready for an unforgettable casino night later on. What is Vegas weekend without some gambling experience? If you and your BFF have been playing slots, then learn more about how to win a slot tournament. It is a thrilling event that keeps you on the edge of your seat till the end. It is what Vegas is all about – sensational nights packed with lively energy. If the two of you are always up for a memorable weekend getaway, then this is for you.

Go Skydiving

This is always at the top of everyone’s bucket list. We strive for the adrenaline rush but are afraid to do it on our own. This is why getting over your fear is easier with your friend. You have shared many memories together so this would be a cherry on top. Pick a skydive that offers a view of the ocean or a beautiful mountain range so you get the best experience ever. What can compare to soaring through the clouds and gently falling while having an amazing view?

Make A Time Capsule

You may think this is for teenagers but think again. It is fun to create something beautiful to open years later. Write a letter to each other and seal it with trinkets that represent your friendship. There is no better feeling than looking back at your relationship 10, 20, or even 30 years later. With all the memories you share, you will be grateful to have each other after all the ups and downs life gives us.

The Takeaway

These ideas will surely spark your imagination and help you make your own BFF bucket list. Don’t pressure yourself to complete it quickly. There is no time limit to experiencing new things. Prioritize your friendship because you have found the person which is your perfect match. You have been through many things together so this list is for pure fun and creating memories.

Photo by Min An from Pexels
Photo by Min An from Pexels