If you are running a business, or managing a team of employees, it’s an ongoing mission to have you employees working to their best ability and full potential. Lucky for employer’s everywhere, the internet is a vast sea of information and advice, and even tools to help you promote productivity in your team.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your team members’ productivity, take a look at these tools we found online to make things easier.

LinkedIn Learning

Sometimes it isn’t so much the employees not working hard enough, and more a matter of how a business operates that is holding the business back. Signing your employees up for retraining can shake up the daily operations and allow your team to find better ways of doing things.

Online courses like those offered by Skillshare and LinkedIn can allow your team to learn new skills and implement them in your business. On top of the increase in productivity that will come with trying new effective operations, you will have a newly qualified team of employees with extra skills they can use to help grow your business.

Additionally, LinkedIn Learning offers you the ability to choose a course for your entire team and oversee their progress as they study. Choose from a range of creative courses like graphic design or entrepreneurial courses such as leadership skills and management skills.


Having a fair employer that is fulfilling all their promises to their team is vital for productivity, since it will instil a sense of loyalty. That begins with benefits.

Benefits will invoke loyalty, and in turn productivity in your employees by giving them an incentive to work. You can offer free food and drink, dental care plans, gym memberships, company cars, free travel, bonuses and more to keep your employees working their hardest.

The Zest employee benefits portal allows you to ensure your routine benefit distribution is going ahead, by automating the whole system. But control is never taken away from you. If you need to offer an additional bonus, or add or take away a particular benefit, you can do so with the help of a clear and bold app which delivers clear information to you and your employees.

With the Zest app, you will see less of tedious administration without losing any control, as well as less costs, and the automation of an everyday task.


You’d be surprised how much time and energy is wasted simply trying to get started on work. Once one task is done, there is usually a mental blockage as you try to gear yourself up for the next one, and a lot of that is just figuring out what you should be doing next. A project management software can eliminate the need to stare around your desk waiting for your new task to jump out at you, by outright showing you.

With software like Trello, employers can assign tasks to their employees every day, allowing them to simply get started. This also means that they can do it as soon as possible, speeding up the process of a project.

If you have a big project coming up, you can evenly distribute the various aspects of the project amongst your employees, allowing them to be sure that everyone in the team is pulling their weight.

Progress is tracked as employees tick off their completed tasks, allowing you to see where a project is lagging, who is handling that task and gaining insight into why that is.

You will find projects as well as day to day tasks are done quicker without the confusion of wondering who is doing what.