Property developer company, HUB, has just begun public engagement on its proposals for a site at 16 and 23-27 Dunedin Street in Canonmills where it intends building “aspirational but attainable homes”.

But, after comments made elsewhere online today, they have issued a comment to allay concern over much-loved climbing facilities, Alien Bloc and Alien Rock.

The founders of Alien Bloc and Alien Rock say the climbing centres are both at risk if Alien Bloc has to move out of its premises when the current lease comes to an end. They have said that the financial future of both is intertwined.

An online webinar is taking place here on Wednesday as part of the public consultation with local residents and stakeholders. A public webinar will open at 6pm.

The details of the housing plans are here.

The developer says the consultation so far has “gone very well”. They are now keen that concerns raised regarding one of the tenants at Dunedin Street, Alien Bloc, are answered. 

HUB is happy to help allay such concerns and is fully committed to working with both of its tenants to ensure they continue to thrive.

Damien Sharkey, Managing Director of HUB said: “HUB is delighted to have had a positive initial engagement with both our tenants at Dunedin Street to ensure that these successful local businesses can continue to thrive in the area. Early engagement with our tenants is fundamental to ensuring our emerging proposals meet the needs of our existing tenants and the wider local community.  HUB takes great pride in having ensured all the businesses we’ve engaged with on all our developments have been able to continue to operate successfully and we’re confident that can be achieved here. 

“HUB fully understands the value of having Alien Bloc in this location. Alien Bloc is a fantastic facility, and we look forward to continuing to work with Alien Rock to ensure their long term future is here at Dunedin St or nearby.”

The nearest climbing facilities are at Edinburgh International Climbing Arena at Ratho on the outskirts of Edinburgh.

The planning consultation is here.