AUTHOR Interiors celebrate and support British makers and artisans, including Edinburgh-based Isabelle Moore. More produces small runs of unique pieces with an emphasis on buying less with more consideration.

Showcasing exceptionally well-made designs in their inspiring collections and telling the stories and provenance behind the pieces, AUTHOR was founded by interior designer Jane Adams, long-time advocate of slow, sustainable and ethical design. 

Slow Design is a philosophy that requires a re-evaluation of how we design and make things. It is a holistic approach to design that considers the individual, economic, environmental, and social impact of design, encouraging a shift towards sustainability.

Isabelle Moore, whose work is created at her Edinburgh studio, is one of the makers to feature at AUTHOR. Isabelle has created much of her work using recycled materials such as her Woven Oak Chair featuring a seat made from recycled marine line used for catching tuna and shark. Isabelle’s smaller pieces such as her Wooden Serving Tray are made from offcuts in the workshop.

Jane Adams said: “Over recent decades, it has become the norm to expect high efficiency in cheapness and immediacy when it comes to consumption. Unfortunately, this way of living has led to fast fashion, outstripping the world of various natural resources in a way that has accelerated at a horribly rapid pace

“We are now thankfully seeing a shift in attitudes and expectations. An understanding that this way of living is not sustainable, and it does not support people or artisanal skills in the best way as mass-production can means unfair treatment and payment of makers and AUTHOR Interiors will continue to support and promote these exceptional British makers.”

Photos by: Grant Anderson – / @grantandersondotme