A Brief Introduction 

Donations form the very foundation for churches. Through donations, tithes, and giving churches can support their missions. However, churches have seen a drastic decline in giving amidst the recent pandemic and the crisis generated from it. The truth is people do not go to churches anymore. While praying and having faith has been a source of support for many during these troublesome times, church visits have almost become scarce. 

One of the ways to keep the funds flowing is through online church donations. As the world continues to shift towards internet-based ecosystems, nonprofits and churches need to come online. The world will be better if churches continued their missions and brought the word of God to the masses. 

Why does online giving work?

The answer might be self-explanatory. The pandemic has forced almost everyone to operate online. One of the ways that nonprofits have been able to cope is via online giving. There are many ways to generate funds through the internet. Each fundamentally traditional way to raise funds can be adopted online. Churches can tap into other means of online giving as well. The options are limitless, however, some may still be hesitant about moving operations online. This article is to help you quell all your doubts.  

7 major benefits of online giving 

Setting up online church donations can be a great way to understand the internet’s user-friendliness. It can also help your church reach people from all over the world and widen its base. Here are some of the major benefits you will get once you start realizing the potential of online giving. 

Kick starts automated giving 

Every nonprofit and church prefers people that give recurring donations. While one time donations big or small is extremely beneficial, it is the recurring ones that form the backbone of every nonprofit organization. Recurring donations act as a steady stream of income for nonprofits and they can conduct their regular work through these funds. 

Older methods of sending physical cheques or paying via cash are now severely outdated. There are platforms and software that can help donors give regularly. These online giving portals can be extremely easy to use. They will store all the right pieces of information and automate a monthly giving cycle.   

No cash, no cheques 

The days of carrying around checkbooks are long gone, bizarrely people don’t even write cheques anymore. If you are hosting fundraising events in the hopes that someone will give you a cheque, you might be sorely mistaken. 

You need to have multiple online donation systems at your disposal. Integrate online giving platforms on your donation page to help users reach it without hassles. You also need to ensure that these portals are accessible via mobile devices. As we live in a pandemic, cash usage has also slowed down dramatically. Online giving has become the solution and is one that will be used even as the pandemic winds down. 

The right means for collection during covid

Continuing from the aforementioned point, the pandemic has put a halt to almost all activities. From church services to any form of fundraising event. This means that churches have been forced to resort to other means such as collection by mail or donation boxes. However, these means are a relatively slow way to collect funds. 

Having an online donation page or platform up and running means you will be able to continuously collect during any time of the year. When combined with a clever marketing strategy online giving can help you reach your goals fairly quickly. 

A seamless way to donate

Among the many advantages of giving online is the fact that it is relatively quick. No online donation platform takes longer than a minute to process transactions. This factor is especially appealing to the millennials and gen Z. It plays well to their affinity for shorter wait times. 

Churches often overlook the younger crowd thinking that they are not keen on giving. However, this thinking might be prejudicial. The younger generation is always willing to give as long they can do it quickly and reliably.

Donors get a choice 

One of the key ways to attract donations is by engaging the person in a narrative. People love to be part of stories and if your church has a cause they are drawn to they will certainly donate. One of the ways to ensure that people can donate is by giving them options. 

By directing and opening pages that help specific causes, churches will find that they get more donations through that avenue than through a general donation form. Specificity is the key here and by showcasing your work and the various missions of the churches, you will be able to gather new donors. 

Easy way to keep track 

The perils of collecting donations through traditional means are that you will spend more time on trivial tasks than on ones that matter. One of the places where church administration spends most of their time is in organizing donations. Taking care of the receipts, sorting them into order, and recording them is a tedious task. 

Through an online donation system, administrators will be able to organize these things seamlessly. Online church donations are easier to handle this way and you will not be left to do tedious tasks such as collecting checks and counting cash. 

Secure giving 

While a lot of people are hesitant to give online due to reports of fraud, it is far safer than any other means. Checks and cash sent through the mails can be easily stolen as compared to any form of online giving. Even money placed in donation boxes can get misplaced. Using an online donation platform that is PCI compliant can keep transactions secure. 

Final thoughts  

These are just a minute fraction of the actual benefits that you can get if you shift to online church donations. The advantages far outweigh any disadvantages. Shifting online also helps churches reach out to new people and gather more members for the congregation.