With age comes increased susceptibility to many infections, and adequate nutrition is key. However, most older people have challenges planning and preparing their meals. If you have been caring for a senior person, perhaps you’re already getting overwhelmed. Although this may involve multiple tasks, there are various ways to plan meals for your loved one, save time, and still enjoy healthy food. 

Check out meal planning tips for all seniors:

1. Pack your pantry & take stock

 Stock your pantry with staples like legumes, beans, spices, canned foods, nuts, and seeds. Monitor your supplies and restock as required. It can be distressing when you want to prepare your meals, only to notice that you lack some ingredients.

2. Understand your nutritional needs

 Do you have special dietary requirements? If you suffer from certain health conditions, talk to your doctor to understand the essential nutrients for your needs. For instance, if you have diabetes or need gluten-free meals, a meal planning service will come in handy. 

Also, consider the number of meals required per day. If you love homemade food, have a loved one help prepare your food and cover all your meals for the day or week. You can also order pre-cooked food to ease the meal preparation process. No matter your choice of food, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables.

3. Map your weekly meals

 Outline your meals for the week and have recipes for each day. For some days, feast on the leftovers to avoid wastage and also save time. Also, consider ordering the best meal kits from leading stores near you.  

Most people prefer them since they are easy to prepare and save on cleaning or moving to the grocery store. With meal delivery for seniors, you can order the best meal kits that are ready to cook or book fully prepared meals. This way, you’ll save a lot of stress and time associated with food preparation.

4. Try new recipes!

 There are different recipes that you can try out to bring out the healthiest and delicious foods. Incorporate different fruits and vegetables in your meals, and don’t forget some protein. Mix different protein sources like fish, chicken, beet, beans, and more. Moreover, take advantage of the season and stock the seasonal foodstuffs available.

5. Visualize your plate & eat small

Always eat the right portions and limit them to small servings. You’re better off having small frequent meals than one big serving. Also, the size of your portions matters and the biggest serving should include lots of fruits, veggies, and whole grains. 

Think of the nutritional value of each ingredient in your plate, and mix different ingredients in one serving. Moreover, start all and keep adjusting your meals to healthier options. For instance, keep increasing your fruit and vegetable intake and gradually switch to whole grains.

6. Why order the best senior meal kits?

 Meal kits are an easy way of preparing your meals. They are convenient and will save a lot of time and trips to the grocery stores. That’s not all, though! You can now get the best meal kits that cater to the needs of seniors. They incorporate the right nutrients to help you prepare delicious and healthy meals. These are designed by doctors and prepared by top chefs. With some kits, all you need is to heat the meals, serve and enjoy.

A quick wrap up

How you plan your meals determines your recipes and nutrients. It may be difficult to prepare meals often as a senior, so most people prefer meal kits. You can now get different meal kits in the market, and all are easy to prepare. However, understand your nutritional needs and choose nutrient-rich recipes.

Photo by S’well on Unsplash