There was a time when shaving, cutting, and threading were the only ways to curb hair growth and remove body hair. Over the years, thanks to innovative approaches and scientific breakthroughs, we have several new techniques like laser hair removal, electrolysis, chemical depilatory, and even prescription creams. But is there a way to remove the unwanted hair permanently or will it eventually come back?

Let us take a look at the different hair removal methods available in NYC and many other places around the world.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser treatments have become very popular in recent years. In this, a board-certified dermatologist in NYC will use intense pulsed light to target the hair follicles. How does this work? The laser light gets converted to heat and stuns the growth of the follicles, eventually damaging them. This process can be used in several areas of your body like your face, back, arms, chin, legs, underarms, and even your bikini lines. The only areas it doesn’t work are your eyebrows and eyelids.

Laser treatments work best for large areas. Will it remove hair permanently? You will need several sessions before hair growth will almost come to a standstill. Those with dark hair and light skin can opt for laser treatments.

laser hair removal before and after NYC
laser hair removal before and after NYC

According to the Byou Laser Clinic, 285 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217, tel: 718-728-2590, hair will regrow after about two months. So touch-up sessions will be needed. You will see a more permanent result after three to five hair removal sessions.


Hair removal electrolysis also uses heat energy, which damages the growth center of your hair. And like the laser treatment, here too, a device will be used that will send electrical current to target the follicles. A probe removes these follicles. This is one of those rare hair removal treatments that will give you permanent results.

However, you will require several sessions. Each session may require about an hour. Follow-up sessions are usually held after a week.

Large areas like the legs, thighs, abdomen, breasts, face and even the smaller places like your eyebrows can be treated.

Hair removal electrolysis is safe. There can only be a slight skin irritation or redness, which goes away in a few days.

Prescription Creams

You will also find some prescription creams that you can apply to your skin. Vaniqa blocks the hair follicle enzyme that causes hair growth, thereby slowing down the growth of hair. This hair reduction technique is FDA-approved, so there’s nothing to worry about. It was the first cream the FDA approved to be used on the face.

However, you cannot remove unwanted permanently because it is going to come back as soon as you stop using this cream.

But Vaniqa can still work, especially if you are not able to control the excessive growth of facial hair.

There are side effects., says that Vaniqa can cause temporary redness, rash, burning, stinging, itching, or tingling. It can also cause skin dryness and headache. So there may be some side effects of this cream.

You will also find other prescription creams, such as NEUD, Eflornithine Sanfe, and Elyn.

Professional Tweezing and Waxing

What is tweezing? In this method, the hair strands are pulled out by tweezers from the root. This temporary hair removal method can work on small areas, such as the upper lip and your eyebrows. The hair is sure to come back in about a month. Tweezing is affordable but is painful. Some people have reported skin irritations as well.

Also, remember, the pulling method may break your hair, which is risky. So you may want to reconsider before opting for this.

In waxing, on the other hand, cold or hot wax will be applied in the same direction as your hair growth. The wax strips will harden after a while. They are then stripped off in the opposite direction. This action also pulls out the hair.

Waxing hair removal works for your eyebrows, legs, upper lip, bikini, and underarms. However, it will work only when your hair is long enough. This process can also be painful like tweezing.

Chemical Depilation

These cosmetic solutions can also help remove unwanted hair. Made from this lactic acids and thioglycolic acid, the depilatory creams will dissolve the hair and make them fall off.

It is simple. Just apply the cream and wait for a few minutes. Rub it gently to remove the cream. The hair will also go away with it. Two popular depilatory creams are Veet and Nair, which contain Vitamin E and cocoa butter. You have to apply a thick layer of Nair for it to work. However, you may feel sticky and uncomfortable because of this. Veet, on the other hand, cannot be applied to the face.

Many people want to avoid these creams because of their unpleasant smell. There are some risks too because they can cause skin irritations. Some people have even reported a chemical burn.

Why take a chance. These are, after all, not permanent hair removal options.

Natural Solutions

There are a few natural hair removal options as well, like –

  • A paste made of honey, lemon, sugar, and water. Apply in the opposite direction of your hair growth.
  • A paste of oatmeal and mashed bananas. Massage this paste gently in the opposite direction of hair growth. Remove after an hour.
  • Sugar waxing. A paste made with water, lemon, and sugar. Apply after cooling the paste.

When to See a Doctor

Too much facial or body hair can be caused by a medical condition. So medical consultation might also be needed, especially if you are suffering from any of these conditions – hyperthyroidism or polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Consult a doctor if you have ingrown hairs, skin irritation, or are prone to allergic reactions.

The Bottom Line

There are now many ways to remove body hair and get smooth skin. They all have their pros and cons. Also, remember, what works best for someone else might not be the solution for you. So consider all the options, seek the help of a professional, before deciding.

Electrolysis and laser hair removal, once you have done a few sessions, are the only ways to get rid of the hair permanently. The banana and oatmeal paste might also be effective.