Hair extension is the best way to add volume to your hair. It allows you to try any hairstyle you want, looks natural, and enables you to look gorgeous on any occasion. Hair fall is one of the prevailing issues among many young women. Hair extensions compensate for the hair less while undergoing proper treatment for underlying hair issues.

Photo by Angelo Pantazis on Unsplash
Photo by Angelo Pantazis on Unsplash

However, there is a general concern about the use of hair extensions. These extensions require proper maintenance, and you will have to spend so much time looking after them. Both of these factors leave people concerned about whether people should have them in their hair or not. But the bottom line is that hair extensions are still easy and manageable and have so many advantages.

So, what hair extensions should you go for? The two most popular choices are Tape-Ins and Micro Rings. People find it difficult to choose between these two hair extensions. If you are one of these people, keep reading this article as we will share the difference between the Tape-In and Micro Rings!


The tape hair extensions are the most popular in the market. The main reason people love these hair extensions is that they are easy to blend in with your hair. All you have to do is to put them in your hair using the adhesive.

The best thing about the Tape-Ins is that the tape is applied on your scalp. Doing all this isn’t painful at all and takes no time. There is no involvement of clips or braids either which makes the application process even easier. Extension tracks fit nicely with your natural hair and leave a great look.

Another reason why people choose Tape-Ins over any other type of hair extension is because they don’t leave any pain after removal. The tape itself isn’t difficult to remove, and the process doesn’t take so much time. These Tape-In extensions are perfect for parties whenever you are in a hurry but want to rock the party with your amazing hairstyle!

Micro Rings

Micro Rings are also super famous and for the right reasons. Your natural hair is connected to little silicone-based beads that hold your hair and extensions in place. In this type of hair extension, if you don’t have any previous experience of applying them, then it’s better to get the help of some hair stylist. The application process of the Micro Rings is a bit tedious but gets easy once you get the hold of it.

Your hair is connected to the extensions through the beads, and extensions are put in place firmly. The best thing about Micro Rings is that there’s no use for tape or adhesives. These extensions look very natural, and no one can tell if you put extensions in your hair. Micro Rings are the newest addition to the fashion industry and provide amazing results that are fit for every occasion.


So which hair extension is the best? The answer lies in your personal preference and how much time you have. Both the Tape-Ins and Micro Rings are perfect for every occasion, and you can rely on them for having a gorgeous hairstyle!