Christmas is fast approaching and soon the shops will be flooded with festive arrangements. You may want to get organised ahead of time, by getting your Christmas shopping out of the way and wrapping your gifts too.

Photo by Clint Patterson on Unsplash

There are few things more fitting at Christmas than a pile of beautifully wrapped presents under the tree. After all, we’ve put a lot of effort into choosing the perfect present, so it makes sense for us to want the wrapping to look enticing.

Some people are naturally artistic and have no problem adding a touch of creative flair to their gift wrapping. However, others have no idea where to start. Read on to learn how you can make your Christmas gifts look extra special this year.

Create a Wrapping Stash and keep it stocked through the year

Set aside a designated place to keep wrapping paper, gift tags, ribbons and any other materials which could be used to decorate gifts. This is also a great way to save money, as you can add things you have around the house, like ribbons from chocolate boxes or gift bags that are still in good shape.

Add ribbons and ornaments

A ribbon or ornament can bring polish to a plain wrapped gift. Look out for ribbons in craft shops or fabric stores. Ornaments should be lightweight and easy to attach to the paper. Online stockists such as Amazon have a range of different styles, specifically designed for gift wrapping.

Stocking up after the festive season is ideal, as most shops will drastically reduce prices on any Christmas supplies. Alternatively, you could go old-school and make your own ornaments to attach to your gifts. If it goes well, you could add some of your masterpieces to the Christmas tree too.

Bag it

Some gifts can be tricky to wrap, so instead of having a hernia in frustration or presenting a lumpy parcel to your loved one, skip the wrapping paper altogether and put them in a nice Christmas gift bag. Those awkward gifts will look sleek and polished, and you can kick back with a glass of mulled wine.

Christmas usually involves travelling somewhere at some point. Gift bags are ideal for transporting presents or keeping them organised if you’ve brought gifts for multiple people to one place. With a variety of designs available including traditional festive scenes and modern chic, there’s a style to suit everyone from Granny to the trendy teens.

Let it Snow!

A dusting of white across simple Christmas wrapping paper can really elevate the look of your gift. After wrapping your present, take a can of artificial snow and spritz a little onto the paper. Be mindful not to use too much, as it may spoil the effect.

If you want to be a little more creative, use a festive template, in the shape of a snowflake or bauble to spray a design into the snow. This technique will work best on darker wrapping paper. Don’t try it on a lighter background as it will be harder to see.