One woman says “I’m here for Chic somebody!” as punters flocked into MultiStory on Castle Terrace.

Each one carrying pies and pints while seagulls flew overhead.

Dave Anderson as Chic Murray is a good fit, the pair starred together in Gregory’s Girl and Chic’s famous cameo as the headmaster is one of many episodes from the comic’s life celebrated in this one hour show written by Stuart Hepburn.

The mannerisms, walk and eccentric patter are delivered in the same droll manner with the right amount of surrealism. Billed as “The Tall Droll with the Small Doll” with his wife Maidie, played by Maureen Carr, the pair perform an evocative version of Merle Haggard’s ‘Nobody’s Darlin’ but Mine’ while Chic cracks an endless stream of one-liners.

They are joined by Brian James O’ Sullivan who moves the narrative along as a foil to Chic while tickling the ivories and asking Chic to tell us his famous joke about “The Blackpool Wedding”. There’s nothing like a live audience and soon Chic’s gags have shoulders heaving with laughter, no doubt some needed it after a year and a half in lock-down.

There are also tender moments shared between Chic and Maidie, the couple’s triumphs such as playing The London Palladium, and sorrows, the marriage doesn’t survive, are marked through the prism of his last day on earth: 29 January 1985.

There’s also a rendition of ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ alluding to Chic taking on the role of another Scottish legend, Liverpool F.C manager Bill Shankly.

A sell-out in 2019 the success looks set to continue in this joyful commemoration of a Scottish luminary.