Traditional wall clocks have been around for a long time and are still very popular. They are not only practical, but also have an important decorative function – they decorate empty walls and add a unique character to the interior. They fit perfectly in any arrangement, both classic and modern. We have prepared a short guide for you in which we will explain which clock will best suit your styling and interior.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Wall clocks for classic arrangements

A wall clock can be an important and interesting decorative element of any classically furnished living room. However, it must perfectly match the entire interior and create a single, coherent whole with it. Retro-style wall clocks (e.g. with Roman numerals, wooden elements, open mechanism) and classic wooden cabinet clocks with a pendulum look the best in these spaces. They will perfectly match heavy wooden furniture and stylish accessories.

Wall clock for the modern living room

Large wall clocks without a dial will be the best choice for a modern, spacious living room. They will beautifully decorate an empty wall and will add a unique character to the entire interior. They are available in many designs and colors, and their installation isn’t difficult. Large wall clocks – – will look best over a sofa or fireplace.

Glass wall clocks will also perfectly match modern interiors. They are durable, come in many patterns and colors, and will look good in any arrangement. Single-color (black, gray) or marble-imitating clocks will suit living rooms in white, minimalist style. For colorful interiors, we recommend wall clocks with a floral motif, abstraction or photography.

For Scandinavian-style interiors, clocks with a slightly austere style, without unnecessary ornaments, in white, gray, brown and black colors are best. Simple wall clocks with imitation of wood, concrete and metal will be suitable for loft spaces.

Wall clock for the kitchen and children’s room

Wall clocks decorate not only living rooms, but also bedrooms, kitchens and children’s rooms. For a classic style kitchen, retro style clocks are best, and for a modern one – wall clocks with a culinary motif (fresh fruit, vegetables or a cup of coffee). They will not only be practical, but also perfectly emphasize the character of the interior.

In the children’s room, colorful wall clocks with teddy bears, animals and colorful planets will work best. For children who learn letters and numbers, clocks with large dials and numbers will look great, making it easier to learn to read the hours on the clock. A children’s clock must not only be colorful and visually attractive, but should also harmonize with the entire arrangement and other decorations.

A well-chosen wall clock will perfectly complement the interior of any room. It will add character and an amazing atmosphere to it. We are convinced that you will finally be able to choose the perfect clock model for your interior.