Technological advancements have wholly changed most human operations, including companies’ and customers’ relationships. Businesses, small or big, now more than ever are highly integrated with smooth and streamlined processes. 

In customer service, technology plays a very integral part. For instance, communication and interactions with prospects and loyal customers have been made easier by introducing live chats or chat room software among technologies. Much more, the use of technology has led to creating and achieving efficient customer service experience and satisfaction. 

This article discusses some of the best ways technology has facilitated customer service and why there is a need to train service providers on various technologies.

Technology has enhanced business-customer communication and interactions.

Gone are the days when customers would travel to a business enterprise to ask, consult, buy or complain about particular goods or services. Today, technological advancements have shifted business-customer communication and interactions into a new realm. 

Now, customer service agents can instantly respond to several customer’s complaints, concerns, and questions with ease through the use of live chat channels/rooms or software, among other computer programs.

Also, the arrival of chat apps and social networking sites like WhatsApp and skype has taken business-customer service interactions to a new level altogether. With these technological advancements, both the customers and the customer service agents can easily engage in text, image, audio, and video chats. These technologies have ensured smooth communication and interactions and a high level of motivation and satisfaction. 

Technology has boosted self-help services.

There is no more fantastic feeling than getting what you want at the exact time you want it. Unlike earlier days when customers would wait for a prolonged period to get their required services, technology has brought; self-help services options, and you no longer have to wait in queues to be served. 

Instead, some businesses have opted for customer service self-help portals. Most established firms and companies have developed some apps that their customers can use to make inquiries about their desires. 

Besides, customers no longer have to wait for long hours-responds or present themselves at their service firms; by touching their smartphone buttons, they can have every information or concern they need. This ensures they are more satisfied, and the chances are that you’ll get more sales hence more loyal customers.

Technology has improved customer service efficiency.

One of the most critical roles of technology is to increase the speed of communication or interactions. For instance, the emergence of artificial intelligence and chatbox has facilitated faster response to customer concerns, saving time and effort. 

Technology has boosted the automation of customer service operations

In customer service, technology has replaced most business manuals and recurring procedures to increase customer satisfaction.  A good example would be document management. There is no denying that business produces, generates, captures, stores, or even uses paper documents.

And for over a long time, many businesses have been buried in paperwork. Sometimes, the documents would be too many until firms lack where to store them. However, technology has provided an easy way for storage-automation. 

Through the technological advancement of cloud-based storage file management, most businesses now have anywhere, anytime access to various files or customers. Customer service can quickly analyze their customer preference or purchase, especially when customers have been engaged in electronic signing.  

Every day, new technological inventions come; in managing them, you need well-equipped staff who can seamlessly handle different emerging technologies. 

Here are reasons why you should consider providing further training.

Training makes customer service staff feel comfortable and more confident in handling or using technical equipment. Therefore, ensure you plan an effective training program to advance their skills.

Also, training makes your staff feel appreciated, enables them to acquire new skills and improve in various areas. Suppose you put more effort into training your customer service agents. In that case, your business stands the chance of greater efficiency with increased productivity. 


The impact of technology on customer service is incredible. It has facilitated the automation of most customer service operations, boosted communication and interactions of business and customers. Most importantly, it has helped improve the efficiency and production of companies while keeping customers informed of business services. 

But, to achieve higher business efficiency and production, you must ensure you continuously provide specialized training to your staff to get more comfortable handling customers.