Great Britain is considered one of the most gambling countries in Europe. Anyone can bet online, adhering to two main conditions: first, you must be at least 18 years old, and second, you can play on sites that have received a legal license from the local regulator. Gambling was legalized in the country in 1960, before that there was no restrictive framework. Later, the law was amended to address the rapid growth of online gambling.
The second condition related to the license from the local regulator is considered more of a formality for the players. Residents of Britain can play on foreign sites without any problems, which are regulated by third-party commissions (MGA, Curacao Egaming).

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Popular UK bets

As in any other country, many users like to play at low and medium stakes in order to prolong the pleasure of their entertainment. Large amounts are invested on rare occasions when a lucrative bonus is offered. For those who like to play at minimum bets, a low minimum deposit casino is suitable, where you can wager from one cent to several hundred dollars. Before playing for real money, the slots can be launched for free by checking their return and the risk of volatility.

History of the gambling industry in Britain

Virtual casinos in Britain are almost the safest and most reliable. The credit for this belongs to the Gambling Commission, created in 2007 immediately after the law on online gambling was passed. UKGC, a non-governmental body of the country’s government, is responsible for regulating gambling activities throughout the kingdom, including land-based premises, bookmakers, horse racing and online casinos. In 2013, a national lottery joined this list. The duties of the commission include monitoring and checking providers, applying sanctions to them in case of violations. It can be either penalty statements for a certain amount of money or confiscation of a license.

Most played games in the UK

There are many gambling games in Britain that are popular among different segments of gamblers. Most of all, online entertainment is preferred, but this is not surprising in light of the recent events related to the coronavirus. Remote games are launched from computers, mobile devices, tablets. Wireless internet is required to connect. In this way, users remain in their comfort zone while enjoying the best entertainment in the world of gambling.

Popular games:

  • fruit slots are timeless classics that never cease to be relevant. Many providers, in order to amuse their fans, specifically make remasters of traditional games, but with improved graphics. Fruits are used as a theme in the games.
  • sports betting – the British love to make predictions on football, so bookmaking in the country is also very popular. Users place bets at ground-based acceptance points and remotely using virtual offices.
  • online bingo is one of the very first games legalized in 1960. After that, special areas and premises began to appear in the country, where players gathered in one place and played. Now it looks more like private clubs.

Almost every form of gambling is available in the UK, from horse racing, dog races to traditional slot machines. Among the wide variety of games, it is always important to choose the right and reliable entertainment.

How to choose an online casino

Choosing a casino when all the sites seem to be perfect is quite difficult. However, among this variety, fraudsters often lurk, pulling money from visitors, so the choice must always be approached responsibly. First of all, you need to check the operator’s license. This is not just a piece of paper that is easy to obtain. The operator makes a mandatory contribution for the opportunity to conduct official gambling activities. An independent commission verifies in detail the equipment, financial statements, activities of the applicant. In case of bankruptcy of a casino with a license, the regulator is obliged to pay compensation to the players. If violations have been identified on the part of the institution, the user can send a complaint to the regulator and receive legal support.

UK gambling license

The gambling law requires the operator to obtain a license. This applies to slot machines, bingo, bookmakers, software, etc. Each entertainment requires a certain type of license. There are two types of licenses – remote control and personal manager. The second option is the most common among operators who have medium and large businesses. The license is issued for 5 years, after which the regulator revises the contract and can renew it for further work.