It’s not our upbringing or our careers that define us, but the things that we enjoy and choose to invest our time and energy into. Our passions are important to us, as they are the things we do in our free time around our work and family obligations. If you have spent years pursuing an interest, it is worth it to take a trip and visit some places where it is most popular. Here are some great examples of hobbies that have dedicated global communities around them. 

Classic Card Games

Even in 2021 with countless high-tech distractions, card games are still alive and well with numerous dedicated communities. For classic games like Texas Hold’em, poker, or blackjack, you can find cities and countries where these games are thriving due to historical prevalence or a large number of professional players who inspire the younger generation. 

For instance, games like blackjack have been popular throughout the United Kingdom for hundreds of years. In fact, a variation of blackjack was called Bone Ace in England during the 17th century and numerous other variations of the game existed throughout the years. Naturally, you can expect that there are some thriving communities for blackjack and other card games that persist to this day around the UK in cities like London. For Texas Hold’em, the main center for the game has to be Las Vegas, Nevada. Another famous game is baccarat, and it has a large following in Macau.

Automobile Enthusiasts

If you are a fan of cars, trucks, motorcycles, jeeps or even old military vehicles, you’ll find that there are many cities you can visit to find unique car culture. Fans of classic 1950s metal-bodied American classics like Chevrolet Bel Airs and Ford Fairlanes can travel to Cuba where they are common sights. Due to import restrictions, Cuba has held on to these iconic vehicles and meticulously cared for them. It’s like travelling back in time to walk down a street in Havana and see these gorgeous vehicles everywhere. 

For those that would prefer to see stylized and tuned-up drift machines, major cities in Japan like Tokyo and Kyoto are definitely where you want to go. Attending a car show here would be the experience of a lifetime as you can see thousands of bright and ornately stylized cars that will grab your attention. Other cities worth checking out are Daytona Beach, Florida for NASCAR racing and Monaco for luxurious supercars. 


As cliche as it may sound, surfing is not only a passion for its participants, but a way of life. Those that enjoy surfing will sleep in a van by the beach just to catch the early morning waves or travel across the world for a legendary swell. For those that need to experience the best surfing available, you’ll find that tropical locations are always your best bet. 

Australia’s Gold Coast is a great place to start. Here you’ll find massive waves, numerous point breaks, and even a new artificial reef. Next, Bali is world-renowned for its fantastic swells. Here you’ll find kilometers of pristine beaches surrounded by natural beauty. Of course, Hawaii has always been a hotspot for surfing and islands like Maui and Oahu cannot be beat. 

Video Games and Esports

Video games are one of the biggest industries in the entertainment category. Because video games seem like such a secluded activity, you wouldn’t imagine traveling somewhere to experience gaming and gaming culture. However, there are some great places that have a reputation as being video game meccas. 

The first that should come to mind is Seoul, South Korea. Nowhere else is as advanced when it comes to esports. There are huge tournaments here with thousands of participants for titles like StarCraft II, PUBG, and Overwatch. If you want to see the world’s best players compete, consider a trip here. Also, arcades are still thriving in certain cities. To experience the magic of a video game arcade in all its glory, take a trip to Tokyo and check out places like Club Sega, a six-story arcade owned by the Sega game corporation.