A poll commissioned by Scottish Labour has found that 40% want Anas Sarwar to lead the opposition if the SNP were to form the next Scottish Government.

The Survation survey finds that when asked which party leader should be the leader of the opposition, if the SNP were to form the next Scottish Government, Scottish Labour leader, Anas Sarwar, is preferred over Scottish Conservatives leader, Douglas Ross, 40% of respondents prefer Anas Sarwar compared to 22% for Douglas Ross, and 38% don’t know.

Mr Sarwar also comes out on top when results are broken down for all age groups, men and women, and both yes and no voters.
And 20% of Scottish Conservative voters in the 2019 General Election would prefer to see Anas Sarwar lead the opposition, rather than Douglas Ross.

Scottish Labour leader PHOTO ©2021 The Edinburgh Reporter

Shadow Scotland Secretary Ian Murray said: “Douglas Ross is a conman – and the Union won’t be safe if he is the leader of the opposition.
“While the SNP plot a referendum in the middle of a pandemic, Douglas Ross wants to give Nicola Sturgeon the greatest get out jail free card going – himself.
“But the truth is the Scottish Conservatives, Douglas Ross and Boris Johnson are the biggest threats to the United Kingdom.
“Things are so bad that even Ruth Davidson has walked away.
“Only Anas Sarwar can stand up to Nicola Sturgeon’s arguments of divisions and keep the parliament focused on recovery.
“If you want a country focused on what unites us, not what divides us then use you second vote, on the peach ballot paper, to back Anas Sarwar and Labour’s national recovery plan.”