Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader Willie Rennie launched a new campaign poster today.

Mr Rennie used a campaign stop in Edinburgh to urge voters to reach for recovery and declare that his party can make the gains that will ensure the next parliament puts recovery first, not independence. 

Willie Rennie and Sir Ed Davey at a pre-election ad van laumch on Royal Terrace 4 May 2021 ©2021 The Edinburgh Reporter

Launching his party’s “Reach for Recovery” poster van, Mr Rennie said: “The evidence is clear: whether it’s in the far north, the Borders, the east coast or the west, Scottish Liberal Democrats are within reach of new seats in every part of Scotland. 

“Voters have a choice between years of arguments over independence or reaching for recovery with the Liberal Democrats. 

“Across the country we are closer than Labour or the Conservatives to taking new seats.

“Wherever you live voting Liberal Democrat, especially on the peach ballot paper, could help elect an MSP dedicated to the recovery.”

Joining Mr Rennie on the campaign trail today, Sir Ed Davey leader of the Liberal Democrats, said: “This pandemic has brought the deepest recession in our country for 300 years, the worst health crisis for 100 years. Any political party that doesn’t put the recovery first, the economy of Scotland first frankly is not on the side of Scottish people. Liberal Democrats have been the leaders saying we need to put recovery first in this election. If you vote Liberal Democrat anywhere in Scotland now we are the ones who can stop the distraction of independence. We can stop the nationalists winning seats. So vote Liberal Democrat to put the recovery first and stop the nationalists.”

Willie Rennie and Sir Ed Davey at a pre-eleciton ad van laumch on Royal Terrace 4 May 2021 ©2021 The Edinburgh Reporter