Building a house, from the designing stage up until the construction phase, is not only time-consuming but complicated as well. If you plan to build a traditional home, you will need to look for architects, engineers, and construction workers. However, there are a few alternatives that you can choose, and one of which is by constructing a modular home. What is a modular home? And what are the reasons why you should consider building one?

What is a Modular Home?

Modular homes, sometimes called prefab homes, are pre-built houses in factory-like places. Each part of the house, also known as modules, are built individually. Manufacturers then transport and assemble all of the modules on the construction site. Because of the ease of construction, it would only take a few weeks to complete the construction process. On the other hand, traditional homes will require months. 

Unlike mobile homes, modular houses are installed and set in permanent foundation. Because of this, they do not decrease in value. And despite what most people think, they don’t have the same designs. You can design it as much as a traditional home. 

As with any product, modular homes come in different types and qualities. You can also look for various materials and designs. When considering to use modular homes, it’s best to look as much as possible for your options. 

Photo by Daniel von Appen on Unsplash

Why Choose a Modular Home?

The question many people might ask is, why choose a modular home over a traditional home? What are its advantages? Here are a few things that you should consider. There are many reasons why you will want to consider a modular home. Here are some of them. 

  1. Easier to Build – As previously mentioned, the building process of modular homes are less complicated and time-consuming than traditional houses. The building process is similar to lego bricks, where each section or module is transported and assembled in the construction area. In general, it will only take a few weeks to complete a modular home. 
  2. Affordability – One of the best advantages of modular homes is its lower cost compared to traditional houses. One reason is that you will need fewer workers to set up a modular home, which leads to fewer labour costs. You can also get more accurate lead times and price breakdowns even before construction. You can use the funds you save to build more additions to your home instead, such as outdoor home improvements like decking boards.
  3. Fewer Waste Materials – If you are designing and building your home from the ground up, you will have to do a lot of guesswork and estimation. Because of this, you can potentially overestimate and waste construction materials. On the other hand, modular homes are built on factories, minimizing any waste materials. Many companies are also leaning towards using eco-friendly materials. 
  4. Fully Customizable – Despite what most people may think, a modular home is fully customizable. You have as much freedom to choose designs as a traditional home. Most companies have in-house services that can design the house for you. You can also choose from different styles if you prefer not to make up a design. It also comes in various sizes and purposes.
  5. Good Investment – Because modular homes are set in stone, having a proper foundation, it is assessed as real property. As such, it is an equally good investment as traditional houses. Modular homes can even increase in value over time. If you pair it with other home improvements, like composite decking, you will have an excellent investment. 
  6. Best for Beginners – Due to the overall simplicity of modular homes, they are perfect for first-time home buyers and builders. They are cheaper, faster to build, and fully can meet the needs of any prospective buyer without cashing out as much money as a traditional home. 

Modular Homes are Worth It

While it has yet to replace traditional building practices, modular homes are gaining popularity. And if you are planning to buy a home whether you are a first-timer or not, modular homes are worth considering. 

You can build modular homes faster, requiring only weeks opposed to months for traditional houses. They are also fully customizable and can come in different designs and sizes as well. Most of all, they are affordable yet excellent investments.