Although most people in the world are disrupted in terms of social life, where most bars and restaurants are closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. We are hoping that the whole situation will be all over soon and that we can socialize more again.

It is a tradition for European cities to have a pub or coffee shop on every corner, where people can have a break during work or enjoy with their friends on free days. Pubs are one of the most common places where people would go to grab a drink and relax.

The best thing about pubs is that they are always a great place to have a drink, during both summer and colder days. Also, many people would choose a pub as a warm-up before some night club. Moreover, some cities in Europe are especially popular for their pubs, and many tourists would choose to visit them only for visiting these places. Here are some of the best cities for a pub crawl.


Even though their pubs or at least some bars with a similar design in the whole world, it is not a surprise that we place London in the first place because you can find most of them in this city. An interesting fact about the United Kingdom is that this country has the most pubs per capita. Spending evenings in these places is part of their tradition, and you can find some of the most unique pubs in the UK. If you are interested in traveling to some city only to visit a bunch of bars, London is one of the best cities for that. Some of the most popular pubs in London are The Harp, Colonel Fawcett, Crown & Anchor, Trafalgar Tavern, and more. There is also an interesting event happening each year in London called Monopoly Board where you must visit 26 different pubs on the same day.


Krakow is getting more and more popular over years, and the main reason for that is extremely vibrant nightlife and many cultural attractions. Also, this city is especially popular as a destination for a stag do party, because you can choose between many activities like Strip parties, Rafting, Oil Wrestling, and many more. If you’d rather leave the organisation of your party to a professional Krakow stag do company, check to read more about the reasons why you should choose Krakow for your Stag do. Moreover, this place is excellent for a pub crawl since the urban legend says there are over 400 bars and clubs located just within the city center. Some of the most popular are Omerta, Dobry Kumpel, Free Pub, Propaganda, and more.


There are over 700 bars in the capital of Ireland, which leads to the point that this represents a perfect location where you can organize a pub crawl with your friends. You will also have a chance to visit the oldest pub in the world from the 12th century, The Brazen Head. Another interesting fact is that many of these places hold their small breweries which means that you can enjoy high-quality craft beers. Besides the great selection of bars, the atmosphere is also unique, with traditional Irish music that perfectly combines with beer. 


There are some cities outside of Europe where you can also have a great time if you are interested in the pub crawl. Reno is one of the most popular places in the United States because there is a festival each year, called The Biggest Little City, where people would wear masks and suits that represent characters from comic books and visit various bars during the same day.


Since pubs are part of the culture of people who lives in the UK and Ireland, you shouldn’t be surprised with so many cities from these countries on this list. You can find all kinds of bars in Edinburgh where you can enjoy the finest beers and whiskey shots as well. The Old Town is especially popular for pub crawl because you can find some of the most unique spots in this part of Edinburgh, such as Albanach, The Last Drop, Bow Bar, Deacon Brodie’s Tavern, and more.


Choosing to go on a pub crawl in this Canadian city is a great way to warm up during cold winter days. Also, the main benefit for tourists is that they can see more attractions and learn more about every city they choose for this activity. Since many people in Canada have roots in Europe, you can find many pubs with the same design as ones that you can visit in the UK, Ireland, France, or other European countries. We have to recommend you to visit McKibbin’s Pub, Hurley’s Irish Pub, McLean’s, Brutopia, along with many other spots.


The Czech Republic represents a country with the most breweries per capita, and beer takes a strong part in their culture and everyday gatherings. Moreover, Prague is known for its amazing architecture and attractions, and organizing a pub crawl with your friends will also be a great way to enjoy while observing all of those places. When it comes to pubs, you can find one on almost any corner, and some of the best are Golden Tiger, Metal Bar, Hangar, James Joyce, and more.

The Bottom Line

There are also many other cities like Budapest, Barcelona, Mallorca, and much more, where you can have a great time while changing several locations during the same night. If you are interested in tasting all sorts of beers and meeting a lot of people, a pub crawl is one of the best activities for that. Also, spending a whole night in the same bar or a nightclub can become boring at some moment, especially if you don’t like the ambient or music.

On the other side, visiting different places can also be a great way to find a perfect spot for you and your friends. There are organized tours in many cities with the guidance of the best bars in that place. However, creating a tour by yourself might bring an even better experience and real adventure. You can easily find various pubs on your smartphone, and mark them for a visit.