Primary school parents are reminded about following physical distancing guidelines when dropping off and picking up children at their school.

The advice comes as schools across the city welcome back pupils for second full week when they reopened after five months.

Pupils have been back in school since 11 August 2020 and it seems that the vast majority of parents have been taking simple steps to ensure there is no overcrowding around school gates and other entrances to schools. However, the council says it has had a few reports of parents and family groups not adhering to the national guidelines.

Steps include:

  • Limiting the number of family members at drop off and pick ups where possible
  • Following the specific guidance issued to them from their schools
  • Following national advice on keeping two metres apart

In addition several schools have already put in place temporary measures to support physical distancing as part of the Spaces for People programme.

These include:

  • Closing roads and increasing pavement widths
  • Creating one way paths and gates at schools for families at drop off and pick up
  • Painting yellow lines on junctions around schools and putting out no waiting cones

The council also confirmed that further temporary measures will be put in place that best support each school and discussions will continue between parents and schools.

Education Convener Cllr Ian Perry said: “We realise it will take time for parents and pupils to get used to the new arrangements around our schools and I want to thank everyone who has been following the advice such as dropping children off away from schools gates so there is no overcrowding. We would urge everyone to remember the physical distancing guidelines they have been following so well for the past few months as these also apply outside our schools. Please take on board these simple steps so we can keep everyone safe.”  

Education Vice Convener Cllr Alison Dickie said: “Each school is different so specific advice has been issued to parents about the best ways to help with physical distancing at drop off and pick up times. Discussions between parents and schools will continue as we find solutions that best support each school. In addition a number of temporary measures have also been put in place as part of our Spaces for People programme to give pupils and their families safer access so they can physically distance using buggies, wheelchairs and other mobility aids. We are continuing to encourage parents/carers to travel to school by walking, cycling and scooting where possible so please follow the national guidance so we can keep the virus suppressed.”