Shardana Catering is owned by Chef Stefano, a Sardinian living in Scotland and here he shares with our readers one of his special recipes.

Although his repertoire is extensive, he is passionate about traditional Italian food with a Scottish twist!

Achieving the perfect smoked duck can be difficult but Chef Stefano’s recipe is simple and fool proof.

A staple meat that can be served alongside a variety of accompaniments. Chef Stefano recommends a light salad and potatoes ensuring the duck is the star of the show!

Smoked Duck

Serves 2

You will need an electric smoker to perfect this recipe.


2 Duck breasts
Smoking wood chips


1. Score duck breasts on both sides
2. Generously coat in salt and leave to marinate overnight
3. Fry for 2/3 minute on each side of the breast until skin looks crispy
4. Place in smoker for 7 minutes on hot setting
5. Remove from smoker and serve

Shardana Catering are based in Edinburgh and offer private chef services and catering for larger events or private parties.