Thank the Lord that’s all over.

Let us pray the grass in Princes Street Gardens recovers in line with our livers and let’s all head to the gym. New year’s resolutions? I’ll come to that later, but in the meantime if you’re looking for a healthier way of life it might be time to partake of loose leaf tea rather than mulled wine.

Eteaket, a popular Edinburgh tea shop and retailer on both Frederick and Rose Street have thoughtfully stocked up on some detox health teas, such as their Green Yerba Mate. Apparently it energises you as well as having a lovely smokey flavour without a caffeine hit hangover. Eteaket is a lovely tea shop with super cakes and all their teas are plastic free. Sobriety and Greta friendly, it’s a sip to virtuosity.

Richard H. Driehaus Bonham hotel Art exhibition party. Copyright photo by Paul Chappells, 07774730898

I never refuse an invitation to the luxurious and friendly Bonham Hotel, and on my most recent visit they were revealing new art installations courtesy of and handpicked by their wealthy American owner Richard H. Driehaus. I could tell this gentleman had enjoyed a bit of success in life, partly because if you haven’t, you’ve no place having an initial in the middle of your name and also he had an entourage with him. How glamorous!

Richard H. Driehaus Bonham hotel Art exhibition party. Copyright photo by Paul Chappells, 07774730898

With paintings by Henry Singleton and Emma Stewart Wood among others, the new additions give the public rooms in this exquisite boutique hotel a note of added opulence. There’s also a beautiful Tiffany floor lamp to be admired, thought to be the only one in Scotland.

I attended with an entourage of one, my school mum chum Sara. We quaffed champagne and oysters, enjoyed the lovely music, dolled out some relationship advice to the musician then ended the evening with too much wine in Harry’s Bar. Delicate heads featured at school drop off the next day but at least we’d experienced some much needed culture.

My first turkey dinner of the festive season in 2019 was at Contini Cannonball on the Royal Mile. Situated just below the Castle this bar and restaurant is utterly charming and well away from the tartan end of Edinburgh’s most historic street. Especially if you have friends visiting from out of town, be sure to dine here. The food is locally sourced and all a tribute to Scotland and their suppliers.

Most embarrassing dining moment of last year: knackered and high heeled I skipped the stairs and sneakily used a disabled toilet. I’m a terrible person, I know. Not a believer in any form of ‘woo’ I did consider Karma was coming for me when the lock stuck and I resorted to pulling the emergency cord to herald the rescue party. My dining companions hadn’t even noticed I’d been missing, either that or they agreed to keep shtum. Perhaps they thought I’d fallen asleep in there, otherwise known as a ‘Half Elvis’.

On a more serious note, while I do believe the trams will bring more business to the restaurants and bars of Leith, it’s going to be a long time coming and there’s no doubt that businesses, particularly on Constitution, Bernard and Assembly Streets are suffering greatly. From all the sports at The Fly Half, Leith heritage at Noble’s and fabulous Pizzas at La Riva to Café Marmalade with their bizarre display of shoes in their window, there are so many fantastic places to go in this area. Please consider it for your next night out or Sunday brunch.

And also, only use lavatories you’re entitled to. I embarrassed myself so you don’t have to…