Now that autumn is definitely here you may be looking for some warming recipes to try out. Here is some inspiration from David Tough who is Head Chef at Italian Grill in City Square Dundee.

All the dishes at Italian Grill show David’s expert eye for detail and flavour combinations. A wide selection of fresh egg pasta dishes appear on the menu, such as squid ink spaghetti, rigatoni arrabbiata, salmon conchiglie and rigatoni bolognese. Pizzas, with a huge variety of toppings, are prepared fresh in the traditional wood stone oven, and fantastic steaks are another popular menu staple.  


Basil gnocchi for 4 with minestrone


400g mashed potato (passed through a sieve)

1 egg

100g OO Flour

15 basil leaves sliced thin

Method – combine all ingredients whilst mash is still warm. Roll into small balls and then cook in hot water until the balls begin to float.

Minestrone Soup:

1kg cherry tomatoes 

1 medium onion

2 cloves garlic

Method- sweat onions and garlic, add cherry tomatoes and sweat for an additional 5 minutes .Add a cup of water , boil,  blend and pass through a sieve.

To garnish –

I white turnip, I carrot and I courgette diced small and cooked in boiling water.

6 Cherry Tomatoes quartered

5 basil leave sliced thinly

Place into a bowl with the gnocchi on top followed by a generous helping of the soup

Toast a piece of sliced ciabatta and spread with olive paste – place onto the dish to serve.