With tons of energy, crystal clear singing and a modern twist, it’s fair to say that the cast of the MGA Academy School of Musical Theatre put their heart and soul into performing Howard Ashman’s popular story about love and a blood thirsty plant.

What made the show more appealing was that it was performed by students who are about graduate and are looking for work in the acting industry. And if this show was anything to go by then they have a promising future ahead.

Credit has to go to Director Drew Gowland who worked hard to bring his vision of the story to life, and also to Murray Grant the choreographer who put in countless hours to make sure the dancing was slick and in time.

But the true stars of the show were the performers themselves. The shop owner performed with great maturity as if she had been doing that role all her life. The lead characters were convincing and acted with tenderness. Then along came the biker dentist clad in leather to rev everything up. All under the watchful eye of the cunning green plant! While the rest of cast bound the performance together with their infectious acting, singing and humour.

When a show ends with the audience standing and clapping then that’s a good sign they enjoyed it and that’s what happened when the curtain came down.

Anyone interested in seeing this show needs to hurry because there is only one more performance tonight and it is highly recommended.

Tickets here.