Goodbye to the pits for Scott Courtney who is selling Berwick Bandits. Picture by Nigel Duncan Media

Berwick Bandits are for sale and owners Scott and Jamie Courtney say work and family pressures have prompted the decision.

Scott said: “Since 2016 Berwick speedway has come first, but given the amount of time we had to spend away from our young families and businesses, Jamie and I felt that we needed to re-evaluate where our priorities lay.

“In truth, our families and businesses have both had to play second fiddle to our mission to keep Berwick speedway alive over the past couple of seasons, and that could not continue.”

He added: “Because of what we have achieved over the past couple of seasons we are able to offer the new owner – or perhaps a group of like-minded individuals – a club that is all ready to go once again.
“We feel that it is time for someone else to take the reins and move the Berwick Bandits forward.”

He added: “We have made positive progress in attempting to create a formula to help the club sustain and anyone following that formula will have very few issues moving forward.

“Berwick Bandits now has a healthy young asset base, a fantastic youth system and a very solid sponsorship client base, and we are proud to have played our part in creating that.

“However with Jamie being based in Oxford, the majority of the Berwick-based workload inevitably fell to me and we made the decision that our families and businesses must come first.”

Scott and Jamie will attend the upcoming British Speedway Promoters’ Association (BSPA) annual general meeting on behalf of Berwick which will allow them to fully inform prospective owners to understand what 2019 will look like.

Any individuals or parties interested in taking the club forward can get in touch with the club, initially via the email address