• Fitting time for owners’ son Phillip to get on board at Ziggys as Visit Scotland celebrates Year of Young People

 Ziggys Bar and Grill, one of St Andrews longest established independent restaurants, about to celebrate thirty five years in business in the Autumn, has taken delivery of three more of its iconic replica guitars which adorn its walls. The special guitars, handmade by skilled artisan Rab Reid of Dairsie, are displayed in Ziggys alongside countless pieces of rock and pop memorabilia which have been collected by the owners, Phil and Annie Wishart, for many years.

Purely for decorative purposes, but intricate in their detail, the guitars have become something of a gimmick for Ziggys. They can’t be played, but provide a great talking point for diners.

Rab has supplied many other replica guitars to Ziggys over the past few years, including an actual David Bowie replica guitar – played by Bowie when he was Ziggy Stardust – and displayed in the bar and grill just a few months before David Bowie sadly passed away.

Phil Wishart said : “It had not long been finished and put out on the wall when we heard the sad news. It was almost as if it was meant to be placed there before Bowie died, and certainly, we were thrilled to have that particular replica, as Ziggy Stardust is obviously our original inspiration for the restaurant.

“We’re delighted to have three more now to display alongside the Ziggy Stardust one, all lovingly crafted by Rab. Two of them feature very skilled and unusual wood inlay work with the third in silver and black, and featuring skulls and crossbones! Rab takes great pride in making them for us, and we are very grateful.”

Phil also announced that his son, Phillip Wishart, has joined the business as a chef and partner.

He said : “We’re delighted that Phillip is on board, especially as it’s Year of Young People, plus the fact that later this year Ziggys celebrates the huge landmark of thirty five years in business in St Andrews – quite an achievement for us.

“Joining a family business is not for every young person as some want to go their own way entirely. We’re delighted Phillip wants to work with us and has already made his mark revamping the menu. We’re all geared up for more live music events too.”

Ziggys is aptly showcasing the talents of Jamie Button from Cupar, a David Bowie tribute artist who combines his musical act with studying in Dundee.

“Jamie is a great find for a place called Ziggys – he is very talented and our customers love him – we have extended our live music nights over the summer, and have plenty more planned for the autumn, so it’s working out well for all concerned.”