The very brave Kate Copstick took to the task like a pro. Stand still and keep smiling. Nothing to it – oh except wear a basque and look great too!

This all took place in a very small space at the Pleasance Grand with the Lucius team of motorcyclists circling her in the Globe of Death, at speeds of over 60mph. The Scotsman critic earned everyone’s respect at the Pleasance Gala when they launched their 2018 programme!

Kate Copstick lived to write another review…

And what a programme it is…..

From comedy to death defying motorbikes, sad stuff, happy stuff and everything in between, the Pleasance has it all over its various venues.

Tall Stories

It all began with Tall Stories who opened with a song from Wilde Creatures. This is a show with a cast of musicians who tell the story with original live music and a dash of comedy. It then moved on under the assured direction of MC, Kiri Pritchard-McLean, who appears in Musical and Victim, Complex at the Pleasance.

Catherine Bohart

Catherine Bohart is an Irishwoman with a real Irish mammy and daddy who contribute lavishly to her repertoire. Her show is a very personal one relating her tribulations in coming out as bisexual, but with a real Irish twist.

Familie Flöz were amazing. They did not say a word, but their physical theatre Infinita must be added to your list as it is both hilarious and moving at the same time. The music alone makes it worth going to.

Familie Flöz

The Raymond and Mister Timpkins Revue are also destined to get your feet tapping along to the music while you laugh at their fast choreography and chaos. Their show Ham is their debut Fringe show.

Don’t put me in the corner…..

Anthony Alderson, Director of Pleasance, said :  “We are delighted to be opening our 34th season at the Fringe with the boldest, broadest and most engaging of programmes. The Pleasance is a giant family that reunites every year to scream ‘CULTURE!’ from the rooftops. Every age is represented from toddlers in the Kidzone to Nicholas Parsons aged 94. In this year of young people, there is no better way to build a cultural heritage for our future than through this incredible festival.”

Freeman was more serious dealing with mental health and racism, and the intense excerpt we saw was gripping.

Freeman is this year’s recipient of The Charlie Hartill Theatre Reserve
Felicity Ward

Felicity Ward will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but she knows that and is really not bothered. She is hysterical, though irreverent, in her new show Busting a Nut.

Cirque Berserk

And it was Cirque Berserk who brought the show to a close….like this…..

Details of all the shows at Pleasance here.