A Fine Line, opening on 18 November, is a free group exhibition by artists Lizzie Farey, Angie Lewin, Frances Priest and Bronwen Sleigh. Spanning two and three dimensions and a diverse range of disciplines, the exhibition features a series of beautiful prints and drawings, sculpture, collage, and ceramics.

Frances Priest explores and interprets languages of ornamentation from different cultures, places and periods in history. She creates intricate and colourful ceramic objects that celebrate this fascination for decoration and pattern, using clay as a canvas on which to build richly drawn and layered surfaces.


Bronwen Sleigh is a multi-disciplinary artist who takes inspiration from industrial architecture, unused and forgotten urban spaces, and environments at the edge of the city. Her work provokes a dialogue with these spaces, which she transforms through the processes of her practice.


By contrast, the works by Lizzie Farey and Angie Lewin share an affinity with nature and natural forms. Using home-grown Scottish willow, birch, heather, bog myrtle and many other native woods, Farey’s work ranges from traditional to abstract sculptural forms. Her work is largely influenced by the nature and landscape of Galloway.

Similarly, Angie Lewin has been inspired by both the clifftops and saltmarshes of the North Norfolk Coast and the Scottish Highlands. She depicts these contrasting environments and their native floras in still life compositions made with wood engraving, linocut and collage.


Councillor Donald Wilson, Edinburgh’s Convener of Culture and Communities said: “The City Art Centre’s vision is to champion and provide a platform for historic and contemporary Scottish art. The result is a mesmerising display of Scottish contemporary art and craft at its finest.”

City Art Centre Curator, Maeve Toal, added: “Working with very different media but united by detailed observation and strong draughtsmanship, this group of artists experiment with linear mark-making and drawing in its widest sense. Each artist produces works inspired by places and spaces in either the natural or man-made environment and their relationships to concepts of memory and time.”


The exhibition A Fine Line has been curated in collaboration with the artists Lizzie Farey and Angie Lewin and is a partnership project with Inverness Museum & Art Gallery and Dumfries Gracefield Arts Centre. After closing at the City Art Centre in 2018 the exhibition will tour to its partner venues.


A Fine Line
Lizzie Farey | Angie Lewin | Frances Priest | Bronwen Sleigh
18 November 2017 to 18 February 2018
City Art Centre, Edinburgh
Free Admission