Photocall to mark the beginning of work on Dunedin Canmore new development in Craigmillar, Edinburgh

Dunedin Canmore which is part of Wheatley Group has begun building 111 new affordable homes at Craigmillar as part of the major regeneration project there.

Councillor Joan Griffiths who is the city’s Housing Convener attended the ground breaking to mark the beginning of the development.

She said: “This significant new development at Craigmillar town centre will provide much needed affordable housing in the east of Edinburgh, with homes for social and mid-market rent.

“This site is a brilliant example of how the Council and our housing association partners are delivering on the joint commitment to build 16,000 new affordable homes in Edinburgh over the next 10 years.

“The Council’s commitment alongside Dunedin Canmore won’t just deliver 111 homes – we expect it to generate benefits to the local community, improving the area and supporting jobs and local businesses.”

The homes will be one and two bedroom flats and family houses catering for a wide range of tenants. They will be a mix of social and mid-market rent, the latter category catering for those who are unable to rent privately or struggling to buy their own home, and are also unlikely to be high up the social housing register.

Dunedin Canmore Chair Tom Mitchell said: “We’re really excited to play our part in the regeneration of Craigmillar and to be bringing forward our first homes for mid-market rent in the area. The new houses and flats and the redevelopment of the surrounding area will make a significant difference to the community.”

The homes, due to be completed by summer 2018, are part of the redevelopment of Craigmillar town centre, being carried out by the EDI Group, that will see the area transformed by new homes and a new retail centre, along with a public square and neighbouring community play park, complemented by a new secondary school, all underpinned by a detailed masterplan.

It is the EDI Group, the council’s property arm which is at the forefront of the developments in Craigmillar.

Kuan Loh, Senior Development Manager at The EDI Group Ltd said: “The EDI Group is delighted to be playing a leading role in Craigmillar’s regeneration with these new homes.  They are vital to the continued redevelopment of Craigmillar and our overall masterplan which is focused around putting quality housing in a welcoming and sustainable environment.

“We are also pleased to be contributing to a new community play park adjoining this development, ensuring that public amenities remain at the heart of this on-going regeneration.”


Pic Bill Fleming
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  1. not a soul reading the political pyscho babble OF “HOMES” believe they (the politicians )are building anything but poky little flats when the city urgently needs detached family homes . These politicians insist on the cover up word knowing dashed fine that Craigmillar ,Muirhouse and hundreds of Flats in the middle of fields have been demolished . Why dont they just build what the people want and actually solve the housing crisis instead of bui;lding it anew ? One public play park is hardly building the Eco villages desoigners say our commuunities need so where exactly is their “sustainable ” environment coming from ? Is there any sop at all in these designs to solar or reuseable water systems ,which at the planning stage are easy and cheap to incorporate . ?

  2. with so MANY demolished flats just before the banking crash why is this programme being undertaken in such a piecemeal manner ? How many “HOMES” did they demolish EN MASSE ? in 2007 leaving whats left even more blighted ?

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