‘Mollie O’Brien’s voice, with its seemingly limitless range, is the perfect vehicle for this eclectic set of songs. Rich Moore’s crisp harmonies and guitar playing support in all the right places. It takes serious talent to play and sing this effortlessly’ (Songwriter).

Want to get away from all the election-talk on Thursday night? Couldn’t care less which way the swing-o-meter swings? If you’d like an alternative to all the post-match analysis, Tradfest has the perfect event for you. Get yourself along to The Pleasance Cabaret Bar and enjoy a glorious mix of contemporary folk, jazz, powerhouse gospel, funky dance music and southern mountain traditional with Mollie O’Brien and Rich Moore.

Rich is a renowned guitarist from Colorado who’s Tom Paxton’s first choice as sideman; Mollie is US folk-singing royalty – a Grammy award-winning singer who’s collaborated with everyone from Tim O’Brien to Garrison Keillor (she was a regular on Keillor’s radio show Prairie Home Companion); she has been described as ‘a singer at the top of her game who is not afraid to take risks’. Together Mollie and Rich have produced three CDs and two teenage daughters (who sometimes provide the backing vocals); Mollie has also made five acclaimed solo albums. Their set for Tradfest promises to be a wonderful ‘personification of Americana’.

Now doesn’t that all sound much better than another night with the pollsters? Mollie and Rich will be on stage at The Pleasance at 8pm on Thursday 7th May: you can buy tickets online here or by calling 0131 556 9579; they cost £10/£8, which is probably less than you’d pay for a takeaway pizza and almost certainly a lot more enjoyable. And as they’re American, Mollie and Rich come with the added advantage that they won’t talk about you-know-what all night – indeed Rich is known for his ‘quick wit and humorous observations’, which is rather more than you can say for all those politicians.