Pete Firman 2013_0077c_photo by steve ullathorne

Pete Firman: “The Scoundrel”
Pleasance ‘Beyond’ 21:20pm daily

The little magic man from Middlesbrough provides an hour of jocular fun, frolics, baffling magic with lots of audience involvement thrown in for good measure. Hearty laughs in addition to genuine wonderment at his mesmerising slight of hand skills give the paying guests non-stop entertainment. As Pete puts it himself “Jokes and Magic – that’s ******* value”.

Bedecked in purple suit (not as gaudy as it sounds), the master magician offers comical observations relating to John Lewis, Impulse buys, Dorothy Perkins, Jaeger-bombs, bestiality, Arthur C Clarke and relationship breakdowns at various points throughout fast-paced show.

Pete ‘selects’ a number of audience volunteers right the way through his act who supply both close examination of his craft as well as some light-fodder for the jokes.

A number of the performed tricks are so quick and subtle that you are left bewildered for a few moments, so much so that you may be another two or tricks down before your brain computes the fact that you missed something.

A pleasing aspect of the show is Pete’s genuine warmth for the onlookers and thanks for the attendance, (something that’s thankfully become a theme with this years performers). The former Acklam Grange Alumi is doing well.

Playing Cards, Grapefruit, Magic boxes, Chairs, A Knife, Flowers, Handkerchiefs, Confetti, Envelopes, Needles & Thread; all feature as useful props at varying times in an eventfully packed 60 minutes. After a bit of Magician’s improvisation, the finale is likely to leave you totally confused………….

Pete Firman’s ‘The Scoundrel’ is definitely worth watching and highly entertaining.

4 out of 5

Submitted by James Stevenson