CatrionaIf you want to get away from stuffy basements this Fringe, you could do worse than visiting sketch comic Catriona Knox in an air-conditioned attic in the Pleasance.

You may recognise Knox as one third of The Boom Jennies, but she’s also a gifted solo performer as she demonstrates in this year’s show, Player.  As is the way with sketch comedy, some laughs are bigger than others – but overall this is a fun and energetic hour and you’ll be smiling all the way through.  Well, unless you’re audience interaction phobic, because there’s a lot of chatting and a couple of people will get picked on.  Not in an aggressive way, but prepare to be a good sport if you end up in the front row…

Knox is an energetic presence from the off, greeting audience members individually as they come into the room, jumping and dancing about the stage, failing to remember the words to Torn and generally being very bubbly and vivacious.

Her characters are mostly invoked via accent and physicality, from the airy-fairy yummy mummy to the teacher who wants her student to pass GSCE French – and in terms of staging it’s a simple show with just a few props.  A bonnet and fan create the illusion of her nymphomaniac Austen reject, a cloth on the shoulder makes her cockney landlady with vengeance in mind, whilst lippy and a blonde wig make her blow up doll.  The woman has range, is what we’re saying.

Some of the sketches are a little overlong but it’s a testament to Knox’s talent as a performer that they never fall flat.  As the run progresses and the material gets tighter, we think these will come together really well.

In a nutshell: If it’s character comedy and infectious enthusiasm you’re after this Fringe, go and see Player by Catriona Knox.

Date:  Wed 31st July – Mon 26th Aug
Venue:  Pleasance Courtyard – The Attic
Time:  3:15pm
Price:  £6 previews / £10 (£9 conc) weekends / £9 (£8 conc) midweek / £7.50 (£6.50 conc) midweek
Box office: or 0131 556 6550