Scotmid Warrender Park wins prestigious retail award

A Scotmid store in Marchmont has been crowned the best multiple store in the UK, after undergoing a complete refurbishment to improve the shopping experience for customers.

The Scotmid store, on Warrender Park Road, won the accolade at the Convenience Retail Awards, which is the industry event of the year.

Scotmid Warrender Park was completely modernised inside and out last year, with a host of new services including an in-store bakery, artisan bread from The Breadwinner Bakery, a fresh orange juicer and Costa Express. The store has also been improved by introducing more products from local suppliers, a larger fresh fruit and vegetable range, whole foods, wider aisles, a bigger and better chilled foods selection, and extended opening hours.

Kimberley Guthrie, Director of Marketing for Scotmid said: -“We are thrilled to have won this award and to see Scotmid Warrender Park recognised as the best store of its type in the UK by the industry. Our customers absolutely love the new-look store and their response to the new products and services has been fantastic. We’re looking forward to modernising more of our stores in the same format, with the same emphasis on fresh produce, local suppliers and services to make our customers lives a bit easier.”


  1. the place is an absoloute dump are you kidding me, i ust to work their. They have mice all over the place, dirty ground water leaking all over the place, and the health and saftey for staff is ridiculous, infact non exsistant

  2. rat infested basement, ground water leaking in over stock,
    helath nad saftey conditions which would fit a world war 2 trench; yeah its a real winner of a shop
    whats the point in having a comment ssection if you dont publish comments. obviously a psuedo organisation set up by scotmid, to award themselves. edinburgh reporter are an undemocratic bunch of morons

  3. Your comments – and everyone else’s are moderated before publication. The first arrived some 15 minutes ago when we were busy with something else. All are now published. Please retract your final comment. WE are an independent body of journalists who report facts. The simple fact is that Scotmid did win an award. If you know about the rodent problem we are happy to publish your comment but we are unhappy that you seek to berate us unfairly.

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