It is now just under six months until the election for the new administration at Edinburgh City Chambers takes place.

The LibDem/SNP coalition has come under fire for many decisions it has made, and also the decisions it hesitates to make. The Edinburgh Tram project has been criticised roundly by

The Labour group on the council is preparing for the day already. They have just launched their public consultation document called Moving Edinburgh Forward to let voters know what they are proposing to do in the new administration, and who they are fielding as prospective candidates.

Andrew Burns is the Labour Group leader. We published his letter last week outlining some of what the group hope to achieve.

We now have the opportunity on Monday morning from 10a.m. to discuss with the Edinburgh Labour group what they are really thinking about in anticipation of the council elections, and how they might get back in charge of the administration at The City of Edinburgh Council.