The Edinburgh Reporter is going green….well we already try since we only exist online not only for reasons of cheapness and wide availability, but also to try and lessen the environmental impact of being yet another printed newspaper.

So we thought we might try this week to highlight some efforts in Edinburgh where you can perhaps join in the green revolution. We are also going to point you in the direction of some useful websites and green initiatives so that you can perhaps reduce your carbon emissions – even in a week!

First of all we are intrigued by the Changeworks project to try and lessen your food waste. Changeworks says that it exists to improve quality of life and to protect the environment. It has started a project called Kitchen Canny to allow you to measure your food waste over a week. They say every one of us throws away roughly our own body weight in food every year. When you consider that you have possibly driven to the shops, brought the food home which had already been delivered there usually by road freight (and possibly by air in the case of some fruit and vegetables) then you can see that simply to dump the food in the rubbish is only adding to the environmental cost of producing the food in the first place.

So you can register online, pick up a Kitchen Canny Kit at one of several outlets in Edinburgh and then proceed to measure what you actually throw away in a week. Then you move on to Week 2 of 4 in your action plan! Details are all on the Kitchen Canny website. Have you tried it? Are you doing it now? What are your thoughts? Do tell us!

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