IMG_17501Food glorious food. You are what you eat.

So what can you do about ensuring that what you eat is produced locally, and is not further harming the environment? Can you ensure that you are doing this by simply going to the supermarket or do you have to plough your own furrow? (sorry we just could not help it…)

Well one way to ensure that you are eating well is to know where your food comes from. Knowing that it is organic, if that is important to you, is only possible if you know exactly where it has been sourced. It is also a way of reducing the carbon emissions which are associated with the production of food. If you buy green beans grown in Kenya then you know that they have been flown to the UK as air freight, so the carbon footprint could be considerable. It is not always possible to source all foods locally however. Produce such as dates are grown in warmer climes and so you have to make up your own mind whether you buy such items or not.

Whitmuir, The Organic Place, is not far from Edinburgh and you can join as a farm supporter and have your organic food delivered to you at home. The idea is a very simple one. The food you buy is produced on the farm as far as possible. The owners, Pete and Heather, say:-“We farm organically because we believe it to be the only way to farm sustainably. Organic farming is better for the soil, the plant, the animal, the planet and us. We aim to produce good, healthy food which doesn’t exploit the the animals and the people who grow and produce it or the soil and natural environment.” You can access their website here. Maybe you already support Whitmuir? If you do then perhaps you could let us know what you think about it?

Courtesy of Edinburgh City Centre Management
At the Farmers’ Market held each Saturday morning on Castle Terrace there is a splendid array of locally produced food of all kinds. From vegetables to sausages, you are encouraged to buy your week’s produce there. The Farmers’ Market has been going for 10 years now. You can access a list of the producers who sell their goods each week here.

There is a greengrocers on Elm Row called Tattie Shaws. They aim to sell local produce as far as possible and have a wide range of produce.It was started by David Shaw who used to work at Farmer Jacks – an idea ahead of its time if ever there was one! The original Farmer Jack, Jack Dale from East Lothian, is now into lobsters and shellfish. Tattie Shaws sell fruit baskets. So do Fruits in the City. See our earlier article here This company started up earlier this year and provides offices with fruit in an effort to improve the health of Edinburgh’s workforces! They say:-“Fresh fruit also helps to create a healthy workplace, boosts staff morale, is great for business meetings and will also improve your corporate image!”

Organic – what does it mean? Does it have to mean more expensive? According to a BBC article earlier this year it does. But they also explain some of the other myths about organic being better for you.

Oh and if you want to really scare yourself about what you eat you could always watch Food Inc. See our earlier article!