Hemp-Nappy2Nappies, nappies, nappies. If you have, or have had, a baby you will know all the data about how long it takes for a disposable nappy to decompose.

We spoke to Lynn Hogg of the More4Mums website. She said:- “Modern cloth nappies are so much easier than you may think. Shaped like disposables with handy Velcro or poppered fastenings they are very simple to put on your baby (even for Dads and Nursery). Today’s washable nappies are chemical free, absorbent and reliable.” Although Lynn freely admits that nappies are not really what she deals with on her website where she promotes maternity and nursing wear, she has written an article about them which you can read here.

You might also be interested to know that Changeworks is looking for Real Nappy Project Volunteers.

The Real Nappy Project is recruiting volunteers who live in the Edinburgh and Lothians area, who have experience of using real nappies on their babies and would like to help spread the word about the many benefits of using real nappies.

Volunteers would be requested to help in a variety of ways, depending on the time you have available and your preferences. Tasks include putting up posters in local shops and community centres etc. to advertise Nappuccinos and demonstrations, helping out at these events and giving out real nappy information at events.

Please contact the Real Nappy Project Officer for more information if you are interested:

T: 0131 555 4010
E: realnappies@changeworks.org.uk