This is taking place in Edinburgh on 28-29 September 2010. It is supported by The Scottish Government and Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce is participating in the delivery.

First Minister Alex Salmond said:-“Scotland is uniquely positioned to exploit the opportunity presented by the global commitment to renewable energy and low carbon technology.  We have some of the best natural resources in the world for harnessing clean, green energy from our wave, water and wind potential and we have a history of technology innovation and engineering expertise that is second to none. The recent period of turmoil in the world financial markets has not dimmed investors ambitions to identify and support profitable low carbon projects and technologies. Nor has it dented Scotland’s determination to claim its place at the forefront of this marketplace, armed with our considerable opportunity and resource. Our unique project brings opportunity and finance together, because only then will potential become reality.”

The Scottish Low Carbon Investment Conference will bring together the project and innovation communities with investors from banks, fund managers and venture capital companies to realise Scotland’s potential for a world-leading contribution to clean energy and carbon reduction.

The conference will facilitate financial solutions and investment, and of course will highlight and promote Scotland’s strengths  – our opportunities for investment, skills, resources, research and technical expertise – on an international scale.

Ron Hewitt, Chief Executive of Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, said:  “The conference will be something very different from anything else that is happening.

“It will bring projects and investors together, via a staged process of online capture of information, matching opportunities and encouraging solutions. We will work with those involved in the sector and with the financial community to identify and debate the risks and rewards, opportunities and challenges within the renewables arena.

The two day event takes place at Edinburgh International Conference Centre on September 28-29. A dedicated website has been established at Work is ongoing to identify low carbon projects in Scotland, clustering them together to maximise their attractiveness as investment opportunities where appropriate. Those involved in projects can provide details through the website.

The website is also compiling information on investors and investment activity in the sector, and will seek to “match-make” through the online data capture and through a series of events in the lead up to, and during, the conference.

The organisers have secured a list of international speakers which is due to be announced in the next few weeks, and hundreds of delegates from around the world are expected to attend. Scottish Government Ministers will be amongst those attending and speaking.

Leading international businessmen and financiers, energy sector leaders, and international politicians will also be in attendance at an event which is likely to become amongst the most important in the field in the world.

Scotland has set Europe’s most ambitious carbon reduction targets, and is planning to invest £140 billion on projects and developments that will realise its carbon reduction programme .With around a quarter of both Europe’s tidal and offshore wind capacity, and 10% of its potential in wave power as well as significant opportunities in hydro-power, onshore wind and biomass the Scottish Government aims to ensure that Scotland has a truly world-leading renewable energy sector.